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Monday, August 11, 2014

You should not settle for a knock-off

There's these pajamas that I REALLY want. Don't ask me why. My only reason would be that I'm a sucker for things a certain trendsetter recommends. And that makes me look dumb. So, just don't ask me why. I have this idea of what the picture, perfect life looks like and wearing matching style pajamas with my husband and passing on the tradition of well styled pajamas to my kids is one of them. I'm deeply drawn to deep traditions. I'm also deeply drawn to all things classic.

There is just no way I am spending over $200 on a pair of pajamas. Even the trendsetter mentioned above didn't actually buy them (they were a gift from the company). Of course the only logical next stop for pajama shopping is J.Crew. Don't get me wrong, I love the below jams; my problem is that they're kind of summery, right? The red piping is adorable. But they just don't scream cozy, Fall and Winter pajamas. I want something a little warmer (looking, not material).

No, I still will not spend over $200 on one pair of PJs but I also am not just going to buy any pair of PJs in it's place. That is never as satisfying. For sure, if I buy a pair that I'm not googoo over, I know I will be disappointed in the long run and probably not wear them as often. Perhaps J.Crew will come out with a darker pair as we officially move into the colder seasons. ***fingers crossed***

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  1. Oops! I think my previous comment was deleted. I totally agree though and am never super happy with whatever alternative I might talk myself into. Best to wait for the real deal or not at all (currently going through that with workout clothes!).