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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

3 things you can do to improve your relationships

A few weeks ago, my company hosted a wellness health and productivity event for our clients. The morning session was held on land and the afternoon on a boat in the Puget Sound. Our speaker this year was Chester Elton. His talk was energizing. There were tears and there was a lot of laughter. Simply put, the man had powerful ideas. And these ideas were not that profound in of themselves but it was more the application of such ideas that led the audience to believe amazing things were possible.

While the talk was geared towards creating a culture of belief in the workplace, the ideas seemed to me a much higher value in my personal life. I wanted to share some of these ideas because I believe they can have a huge impact on relationships and that is something to share.

1: Hand write notes. This is big. Handwritten notes show someone that you care enough to actually write something to them and them alone! Not only that but whatever you actually say in your note is meaningful as well. Last week, I wrote my Mom a letter and mailed it to her. I see her often and talk to her more but I know receiving a little love note from myself in the mail will really make her day.

2: Give compliments often and right away. Don't wait till the next minute or hour or day to recognize someone for something good that they have done. Do it now. The bad to good ratio of things you tell someone is supposed to be something like 1:5 or 7 or some high number like that. For every one negative thing you tell a person, they need to hear so many more positive things to balance it out. It's not 1:1.

3: Keep a notebook of love. Listening to Chester speak gave me the fun idea to have a notebook that I keep out on a table in a popular room in my home. The idea is that each family member can write things in it about other family members that are good. Over the years, I imagine us all writing little notes to each other in these notebooks and we'll have them always to look at and cherish. I think it would such a wonderful tradition to pass down to our kids and in their kids lives too.

I want to live a life that truly fosters positive relationships with those I am closest too. Relationships are work and it can be easy to let them slip to the back burner as life passes by. If anyone else has some good ideas on how to grow positive, lasting relationships, please share in the comments below!

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  1. Such good tips Jen! Especially the love notebook out in the open for anyone to contribute to - I think I might start one! xo