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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Why You Should Save Your Leftovers

Pretty regularly I ride the bus home from work. Staring out the window as I always do I saw a young girl walking a dog. She walked right up the trash receptacle on the street and started digging. She found a Wendy's bag. There was a french fry which she immediately stuffed in her mouth. Digging around some more, she found nothing and continued walking down the street. This is literally 5 blocks from my house.

Not to say that we shouldn't worry about hungry people all over the world but it can be easy to forget there are hungry people right in our own neighborhoods. How easy it is to box up your leftovers and offer them to someone in need. I have done it a few times and I gotta say it is a little embarrassing when the man who probably hasn't showered in months, is missing teeth, wears rags as clothing and looks completely out of it declines my leftovers. Makes me a feel a little like I don't ever want to do that again. But I've had more takers than leavers. So easy to do. You just have to set aside whatever it is that is holding you back from approaching a stranger in need. I try to remind myself to not let things hold me back from doing the good I ought to be doing. Once I step my own self out of the way, I can act as a servant more easily.

I'm also reminded to not waste food at home. I hate watching leftovers go bad in the fridge. I hate to leave something out on the counter only to see it in the morning and realize you forgot to seal it up or stick it in the refrigerator. I just hate waste in general. Not because it's like you're working for free when you throw away money in the form of food but because so many people don't have and we should be conscious of what we use.

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  1. I completely agree. I've had my leftovers turned down so many times that I'm almost nervous to offer them these days but I really still should. We live in a neighborhood that edges up against a not so great part of town, but it's a good reminder of how we can support our fellow man.