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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Making Time for the Things that Fire You Up

Today has been about laundry, meal making and playing with Jack. Oh and dishes. Oh and sweeping too. Anywho. Whilst  sweeping I was thinking about how by the end of the day I will be tired and only wanting to curl out on the couch and watch some mindless show on TV. It made me think about how I never have time to do some of the things that I really love. That made me think about how at the end of the day, when my energy is spent, if there is still cleaning to do I usually will do some of it - but if the cleaning is done, I won't spend time indulging my interests. Conclusion: spend time on the things you love because at the end of the day you will always make time for getting the things done that need to keep the house in order.

This is why I am writing even now. The makings of butternut squash soup are simmering on the stove (it's a lovely, grey day in Seattle) and I could easily be doing more dishes or moving the couch and sweeping underneath it. Instead I'm choosing to write because it fills me up. Actually, it empties me in ways. Very good ways. Emptying my thoughts into this blogspot. (BTW Blogger just tried to autocorrect 'blogspot' into 'bloodspot'. You would think blogger would not autocorrect its own name).

As a practice, one day a week I will not come straight home and do household chores. I will do something that I like doing. Frankly, working the job that I have full time does not fill me up at all. There are aspects that are satisfying which is probably why I am slow to make my dreams of self-employment happen. I guess it works for this period of my life.

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