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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Would Your Rather: Fame or Fortune

Last night I was getting caught up on the Real Housewives of Orange County. There was a clip of the Miss Santa Monica Beauty Pageant where the contestant was asked if she had to choose between fame and fortune what would it be. Her answer was fortune and then she quoted Harry Potter, saying 'fame is a fickle friend'.

Initially, I thought fame, for sure, 100%. Reason being that fame gives you the power to influence others. I feel passionate about certain things in life. Some of these things, such as Real Food among other things, don't have enough role models or influencers to get the word out. It would be great to be a beautiful, respected individual standing up for things that go against the grain. Also, I figure with fame I would have a following and there is always money to be made off of a great following. I know, I know that sounds weird to say but look at Jessica Alba and The Honest Company. Wouldn't that be amazing to see a passion project that does good for people come to life? Yes. Yes, it would.

In essence of actually making a decision and sticking with it. There it is. We won't get into how much fun it would be to have fortune. ;)

What would you pick? Fame or Fortune?

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