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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Jeans, jeans, jeans

I've been on the hunt for a pair of jeans for quite some time now. Jeans to live in. And jeans to work in. Now, I've been a J.Crew girl for as long as I can remember (even though lately I just feel like I don't know who they are anymore) and I have had really good experiences with their jeans. The toothpick is just so skin tight - not exactly work appropriate and also I don't want people staring at my ass. But now that J.Crew uses a new material for the jeans, it's hard to resist. I need a pair of jeans that doesn't cut into my stomach when I sit at my desk for 8 hours a day. The new material is so stretchy, it basically feels like I'm wearing a pair of stretch pants. The other problem I have had with jeans is the length. I don't want to wear ankle length pants as my go-to pair of pants. I hate ankle length. I felt like I would never be able to wear J.Crew pants again. Then, I realized a trick whist perusing one of my favorite style blogs. Buy the Tall sizes. I still had the problem of not wanting to pay J.Crew full price when all of their items go on sale after only a few weeks. So I waited.

While I was in limbo, I thought I would try Madewell. To my pleasure I found out they offer their jeans in a number of different lengths. I ordered a pair that I was (am) in love with. Unfortunately, I needed one size larger around the waist and when went to return the one for the other I realized they no longer had the larger size. Ughhh...the worst. Then I tried ordering a different style of theirs, the rail straight cut. Hated it. Put it back in the mail today.

Yesterday, I sucked it up and ordered a full price matchstick jean from J.Crew in the tall length. It's made with the new stretch material so I'm really hoping I get a winner. Fingers crossed! Until then, the only pair of jeans I wear is a pair from J.Crew Factory. I do NOT recommend the factory store at all. The cut is not as flattering and the material is cheap. I've had things lose their shape quite quickly and shrink. On top of that the jeans are not stretchy at all and so they're not good for sitting at a desk all day. If anyone has any jean recommendations for a nice form fitting (but not too tight), good length, comfortable pair of jeans that will last through the years, please do let me know.

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  1. Jeans are so tough! I tend to find a new favorite brand every couple of years... my favorites are always already worn in designer jeans from consignment stores like Buffalo Exchange (is that just a Cali store?) :). The best.