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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

#socialmediafree weekends!

Since the beginning of the year, I've been practicing #socialmediafree weekends. No Facebook, no Instagram, no Pinterest, no Twitter or any other mindless task that involves staring at a screen (other than watching movies of course). The lovely Lara Casey inspired me to do this. I still check my email and if I want to read a couple of blogs, I allow that as well. To help me stay focused, I put all of my social media apps into a folder on my phone and stuck it on the second page of apps. Not only does that make it not easily accessible but since I don't even see it, I'm not tempted either.

There is nothing wrong with social media in general. But specifically for me it is an issue right now. Instagram has me comparing my life to basically everyone, especially the uber talented or successful people that I follow. I wish so badly to have a different life and I become jealous and unhappy that I can't have the life that I think that they have. = Very negative. Pinterest has a similar effect. A deep longing of my heart is to have a perfect, well put together and expressive home. The process as many people know can be slow if you don't have a unending cash supply. It makes me wish for things that I can't have right now. Again, nothing wrong with that but too much of it and it can leave a person in a very negative place. Maybe it's just because I am older now but Facebook really has no value to me. I have it open on my computer at work all day long during the week and I never look at it 95% of the time if I'm not at work. I do go through phases where I use Facebook more. I haven't decided if it is totally necessary for any of the work I do right now.

I definitely see value in all of these outlets but, for now, with the limited amount of time I feel like I do have, I am choosing not to use them. I thought it would be harder but really I just think about them less and less and less. I am more present with my family and friends. And I am always attempting to be more meaningful with my time. Make everything count. Add value in some way. Social media is just one less thing that I have to worry about.

If you have never tried #socialmediafree weekends before I highly recommend and encourage it. It might be weird when you start but let that boredom feeling sink in. Feel it. Sit in it. And then think of something that you can actually do that would be more meaningful in your life.

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