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Monday, April 14, 2014

Planning for a Mental Escape

Vacation: a long overdue activity that I need in my life right now.

I have happily booked two upcoming getaways.  Both involve the only coast I like traveling too. (My coast. West coast = best coast). And both involve sunshine. California. Can I just say that I will fly anywhere as long it's under three hours? Yup, I'm that easy going.

The first weekend of May will be spent in San Diego. Luckily, it's late enough in the year, that I hope the beach is warm enough to chill out on. We'll be traveling with our tiny tot, Jack, and Matt's brother with his wife. I'm already wishing we could stay longer. I need a mental vacation. Just to regroup and refocus. To remember why I'm doing what I'm doing and to dream big dreams to go after.

The last weekend of May will be spent in the LA area. Hopefully, Santa Monica - ish. A gal pal and I will be taking the weekend off. I need more weekend getaways in my life. This will be the first weekend traveling without my family. Not long enough to miss them. Which is a good and a bad thing. Again, by that time of the year, I'm really thinking the weather will be perfect.

One of my most favorite things to do while vacationing is just sit in the hotel, watch a movie and order dessert room service. Oh the coziness of it all. There's so many pillows on the bed. The blankets a fluffy. I love hotels. You know, the clean ones that is. It's going to be a looooong two.5 weeks. Oh and it's to rain here the rest of this week while my parents are relaxing in Palm Desert. See, I was born to love California. It is not overrated.

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