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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Gut & Health

This is a topic I tend to get a little passionate about. Where to begin? I'll start with my short story:

As far back as I can remember I have had some gut related issues. Then in my early twenties it got worse. Just constant bloating and pressure in the abdominal area and other things. And other other things. I had gone to the Dr. several times over the course of a few years and no conclusion or really thoughtful advice was given. It wasn't until I got into the Real Food Movement and started experimenting with removing foods from my diet that I learned something of significance. When I removed gluten, the incredibly painful bloating and pressure in my gut ceased. When I removed gluten, dairy and processed sugar, my body felt the healthiest it has felt in my memory.

There are some short term diets that recommend abstinence from certain foods for a period of time and then you can start to reintroduce foods such as dairy. I was following the GAPS diet. This diet is aimed at healing and restoring the gut; then, afterwards, you would resume a real food diet. Unfortunately, I binged on sugar crap for my birthday and I haven't been able to get back to it. But let me tell you my gut needs healing ASAP. I need to listen to what my body is telling me and get to it. I remain pretty consistent on not eating gluten as that has immediate effects on me. I am fearful of the long term effects. My goal is to completely heal my gut. I firmly believe that this will strengthen my body against the top diseases our country suffers from.

I tend to get really frustrated about the matter. Because most people don't except knowledge and truth that doesn't come from the government, mainstream doctors or the like. The problem with this is that those groups aren't always trustworthy. Why? Because those groups depend on money. Where does the money come from? Big businesses. And big businesses have only their best interests at heart. (I'm very pro business and all for businesses making a lot of money but there are definitely some problems and I don't have the solutions). Just take that corn syrup commercial for example. I mean come on, if I take the logic of that commercial then cocaine is perfectly healthy too. That's just one visible example. But think of all the companies that have a valuable stake in making sure that certain studies have certain results and so on and so on.

In countries where the norm is to eat fresh, real food, they just don't have the diseases that we have. I am convinced that I would enjoy not only better physical health but mental and emotional health too. Convinced of this. As I'm writing this, I'm thinking then why don't I just cut the crap and do it?! Oh, I know why - because I'm American lazy and some things are just easier. We have made huge strides and at home I follow good nutrition, the problem is when I'm not at home. People at my work bring cookies, candy, bagels, chocolate. You name the bad food and it's sure to have found a way into the kitchen of my work. Some days I'm really good and other days I'm not.

I find that eating a well balanced nutrition is easier when I am prepared. I bring my own food and several types of snacks.

Anyway, long post short, read this article for a very brief, just skimming the surface conclusion on gut health and it's relation to the whole entire body.


  1. I have similar problems but for different reasons. So glad you found something that works!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  2. Good for you! That takes a lot of discipline to discover what exactly is making you ill. Have you tried probiotics for gut health? I actually wrote a post about them...

    I've been trying to eliminate wheat/gluten, and although it's very difficult, I am seeing the benefits!