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Monday, March 10, 2014

The Last Days of Winter

A couple of weeks ago, Matt & I went to Suncadia on this little retreat with this new church group that we are attending. This was WAY outside of my comfort zone as being in a large group of people I don't know, who all know each other, gives me anxiety. (One day, I hope to not have this). We went anyway. Over the river and through the woods. Or something like that. We went. This isn't a post so much about the trip as it is about how beautiful the drive back was. The snow started Saturday night. When we awoke on Sunday to still heavy snowfall, we decided to get out of there asap. The first photo below is the drive to the freeway and the rest are pictures on the actual freeway. Enchanting and mystical. Those are my two words to describe the mountains that day. Wondering if just beyond the tree front Narnian creatures were battling the white witch. The battle is soon to be won as Spring approaches. I love Spring and the promise of warmer weather and blue skies. The promise of the beginning of 3/4 of the year that I like. I hate winter. It's killing me.

(All photos taken with iPhone). 

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