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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Jack's Toddler Room

My dream has always been to have a well decorated home. You know, the perfect home. The one I've dreamed about since I was a kid. So far, it's no where near that perfect feeling I have in my head. But I want to document it the way it is now. To remember. To document change. There are elements of my home that I love. However, I think it will always just feel temporary because as long as we are renting it could change anytime we move.

I'm starting the home tour with Jack's room. His room has changed A LOT over the past two years. His room isn't even technically a bedroom. I don't think anyway. The landlord called it a "den" when we first found it online. The room is so small. Small like if you put a blow-up full size mattress in the room, you have about five inches of room on the side. The back of the room opens up a tiny bit more, which fits the rocking chair. There is also a closet that I didn't photograph just to the right of the rocking chair and that is where Jack's dresser is. (My interior photography skills are seriously lacking). :)

I love the framed "vintage" map. I cut it in half and we used simple frames from IKEA.

Yes, the raccoon print below is rather curious. Why is it so high? Why is it there at all? Also, is that bookcase tall or what? We live in a basement, so the ceilings are very low. Like, maybe about 7 feet. Matt got that raccoon print at Yellowstone Park when in elementary school and he wanted it in Jack's room. It's cute. Jack pulls it off the wall and then pulls out the push pin that it hangs on. Hence the awkward placement. He can still reach it so there's that.

The vintage piano was a Craigslist find. My older sister had a small piano and I decided it was too cute and that I needed one. The brand is Schoenhut. The coat hooks I found at Urban Outfitters on sale. I should have bought more. The flooring we found at Costco. The whole alphabet plus some shapes for like $20. Costco is the best. I like it because we don't have any carpet in our house and it's nice to have some kind of padding in Jack's room. In the winter, the floor is freezing too so this helps keep him warm.

Ive already started getting some things for his big boy room. I do want this room to look much more put together but I think it's just going to take some time. I'm so excited for him to have a real bed but he has yet to even try climbing out of the crib. The crib is definitely better. If that kid had the freedom to get out of his own bed I don't know that he would ever go to bed. Eeeeekkk!!!

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  1. love how you made it work...thats great. I also have that white ikea shelf in my office. :) thanks!