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Monday, March 31, 2014

Having A Point of View


I've been listening to podcasts: Nick Onken SHOPTALK radio

So far, I've only listened to two: F.E. Castleberry who runs a popular blog that I occasionally pop by and Matthew Loyd, a creative entrepreneur who now runs a site called Mosey. I have no idea if these people know each other or even know of each other but they both said something that really rang true for me. Separately. They each said the same thing. That a brand is a point of view. (This may sound obvious. And often brilliant ideas are the really obvious ones). Castleberry suggested developing this point of view in private. I couldn't agree more and that is actually how this blog came about.

I love to just write out my thoughts. Putting what is in my head onto paper forces me to articulate exactly what I am feeling or thinking. It forces thoughts to be concrete and not just some whimsical state in my mind. The season of my life is such that I am too concerned about what others are thinking of me and I just needed this space to be my authentic self and get back in touch with who I am. So, while YOU may be reading this, there is no one who actually knows me that knows about this blog. I love that about this space. I can write freely and not worry about if people are judging me. Unlimited time and space to express myself and really develop my authentic voice and "point of view". Not just in life but in my creative endeavors. Which for right now, remain mostly unknown to me.

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