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Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Pouf Dilema

While perusing One King's Lane this morning I saw the absolutely, cutest pouf I had ever seen. That's the first pouf below. My credit card number was entered and I was one click away from being the proud new owner of the cutest pouf ever. The guilt came over me quickly. $200 on this thing that was probably going to annoy me, taking up space on the floor in our small living room. My next thought was to check Because, hey, we all know One King's Lane is not exactly cheap. That's when I saw pouf number two below. A pair for the price of less than the first pouf. I ordered them immediately before I could rationalize. I don't care much for yellow. At least not in the house (unless it's flowers). I live in a basement with almost no light. Our wall color has yellow undertones. I'm a photographer and I'm constantly changing the white balance to get that gross yellow out. I just don't want these poufs. Unfortunately, I have to wait for them to arrive and then return them. It won't be hard. Our couch is brown and this is going to look like brown gross mush together. So, I googled. Ah, ha! Etsy! Why didn't I think of that before? Enter pouf number four below. It doesn't come stuffed but it's well under $100. A perfect deal. I guess I would have to see how the quality is. But then I reminded myself that what I always wanted was one of those classic moroccan poufs (pouf number three). Gold would be classic but I don't know how well it would go with my aforementioned brown couch. There are so many colors to choose from. Would I get sick of the color? Maybe. Maybe not. The leather would be a nice new material to introduce into our space. So, I don't know. Like I said in the beginning, I almost wonder if I would just get tired of yet another thing on the floor in a small, basement apartment. There's already a rocking horse in the space where the pouf would fit best. Maybe this will just be one of those things that has to wait.

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UPDATE: I found the exact same pouf (#1) on Joss & Main for $60 cheaper than One Kings Lane. Joss & Main appears to have much better deals on the same products - I need to remember to look there.


  1. Found our pouf in Morocco and brought it back unstuffed - now I use it as storage for blankets (2 purposes in one!) to keep it fully and soft in the nursery. Love your roundup.

    1. Thank you Morgan! That's a good idea!