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Thursday, February 20, 2014

"Inspiration" is Taking Over the World

Inspiration is EVERYWHERE. To be honest, inspiration is getting too much publicity. From Pinterest to Instagram to Tumblr to blogs. It's like a non-stop barrage of constant inspiration. We have the capability to ignore but it's. just. so. hard. How hard would it be to not use Pinterest for week? How hard would it be to not check your Instagram feed? How hard would it be to not use social media all weekend long? I'm here to tell you. It's not hard to avoid social media on the weekends. I actually do this. I actually do not use any form of social media on the weekends. Saturday and Sunday for sure and often times Friday evening. By the end of the week, I'm so ready to check out of the Internet and just have time. There is something called too much inspiration. Overwhelmed by the amount of stuff out there? Me too! And the thing is all that online inspiration doesn't amount to very much actual output in your real life. I find the best inspiration is found in real life. That's why it's so important to get offline and get out and do something. Enjoy life. Go for a walk. Grab a coffee with a friend. Grab a coffee with yourself. You like to look at pretty pictures? How about making your own pretty pictures. Sure, you won't make as pretty pictures as you see in the glossy pages of Pinterest but you can. If you do it enough, you can make just as pretty pictures or even prettier pictures. Do you like to write? Write your own blog or diary. Don't just read what other people are writing. You can write too. So often we are so consumed with consuming that we forget what we were really made to do and that is to create. Don't think of creating as only something artists do. Everything you see was created. Every restaurant or store you go into was created. Every service you use was created. Everything was created. We were made to do things. I find myself getting lost in blogs and then I remember what would really make me feel satisfied deep down is to write myself. I get great satisfaction from doing things myself. The thing is that being obsessed with inspiration really only takes you away from actually doing things. The best inspiration comes from life. The best inspiration comes from doing things. Inspiration comes out of doing things. Learning from what you are doing. If you like making photographs - go start shooting things and while you are shooting something, you might be like, hey, let me try it this way. Doing things builds inspiration. I challenge all Interneters to leave social media this weekend. Just try it. Feel the boredom and make something happen. What would you do if the Internet didn't exist anymore? What would you do?

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