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Monday, January 27, 2014

My Baby is 2 Today!

I have been blessed with the world's best little 2 year old boy ever. I am biased but I also speak for the many people who have said that is true. Just last night at church, the leader in the kid's room told Matt and I that Jack is the most chill little dude. He has never gone a day without taking a nap. Which I feel is so important to his overall health and mental well being. And therefore contributes to his relaxed demeanor. Little Jack, you make me so unbelievably happy. (You can also make me feel at my wits ends at times but that's besides the point). Life with Jack these past few months have been the most amazing I have experienced as a parent to date. He talks. He really communicates. He hugs and kisses. He helps do the dishes, the laundry, gets me a towel when I am in the shower, sweeps, puts things away, throws things in the garbage. Each new day he grows more and more wonderful. I love him. He is kind. Sometimes when he wants you to play with him, he grabs your hand and takes you to his room and then points to the ground and says sit. While I loved him as a baby, I would say that I love him exponentially more now that in comparison it almost seems like I didn't love him back then. My biggest disappointment is not being able to spend more time with him. When I first started working full time again 8 months ago, it didn't seem like it would be that big of a deal. I honestly wasn't as connected to him as I am now. Now I just wish I could see his little face smiling at me all day long, I wish I could be the hand he held as he went to the park or toddler story time at the library. I wish I could witness more funny moments and love him even more. So, I will remind myself that this is why I push myself to work harder, faster, stronger, better. One day, hopefully sooner rather than later, I will be self-employed. Able to make my own hours. Work from home. Be there for my family which oddly seems more important to me these days than I ever felt before. When I'm wondering why I feel like I am always working it's so that I don't always have to be working and can be with my favorite tiny person as much as I want. Happy happy birthday little man. Momma loves you so much!

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