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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Loveable Walkable

Nothing beats the convenience of being able to walk everywhere. Meaning basically everything I could want is always within walking distance. When you live in the suburbs or small towns, you rely on driving heavily. Speaking from my own experience growing up in a suburb I can say that it's like you don't even realize there is a whole world out there where people don't ever have to drive. (Except on occasion of course and that's mostly to visit family and friends that live in said suburbs). Movie theatre, grocery store, drug store, restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, bowling, parks, gift store, salon, the list seriously goes on. Capitol Hill has a walk score of 90%. I often wonder why it's not 100%. What else does a person need? When I'm at work in the downtown area (with a 98% walk score), I have Target, Whole Foods, and loads of everything else that I already listed above. I could get away without having a car. City living is one of the most economical living choices. Use less gas, spend less on auto related activities. Going out is not a hassle. There is so much less stress. Got a baby. No problem. Just plop him into a stroller or a baby carrier and don't mess with those annoying car seats. Places are open late. One of the great things about Seattle is that we have so many walkable neighborhoods. And the neighborhoods are not just apartments. Living in the city does not mean you have to live in a condo or an apartment. This is really not relevant but I'm a huge fan of small numbered addresses. Something about a 123 16th Ave East address is so vintage. Oh and the street numbers actually make sense.

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  1. yay for that whole foods!! I think you'll like my giveaway :)