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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Life Seasons

It was as if time stopped today. It wasn't Thursday. It was just in the moment as is.  And it felt so good. Matt was in bed all day with the stomach flu and Jack was running around same as ever with the stomach flu. How I have managed to escape said bug is beyond me but I do pray that I continue to evade it. Today was just a sweet pause. I even had time to make a cute little valentines day heart garland.
My favorite holiday of all. I'm ending the evening by watching Little People. The kids have grown. Just watching this makes me realize that when you're the kid in that transition you just don't realize the magnitude. When you move out, your life is forever changed. You don't live with you siblings. You don't live with you parents. And...your parents no longer have kids at home. I know. Real shocker. But it's interesting to relive moments with a new perspective. Seeing it with a new understanding. The Little People parents have a marriage that has deteriorated. I wonder what's next for them. It makes me really worried and sad for when Jack is finally grown and moved out. I know it has to happen and of course I will spend the next 20 years preparing Jack to be a strong man.  But. Well I don't know. It's just weird. 

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