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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Solo Show Affair

Saturday night was the best. Though my neighborhood of Seattle is known for the night life, I am not a night lifer. I went to a show at Neumos. It was a Max Bemis solo show but I went to see Merriment and Perma. The Dupree sisters from Eisly and their other sister are so magical. I would not classify myself as a "fanatic" but I do really enjoy them. The girls' IG accounts (Sherri and Christie) are full of lovely every day adventures and I so admire their family bonds.
My older sister came on over and we walked half a mile to the venue where we then waited in line over an hour. Waiting is worth it when you know you will get a better spot. I've never been to this venue so I was excited to find out we could stand upstairs. We had the best spot in the house IMO. A little ledge that came out by itself. Like we had our own opera box. No obstructions and not far away from the stage. 
This is Christie Dupree of Merriment. 

This is Sherri Dupree Bemis and Max Bemis of perma. 
It was good. So good. Great. We heard some new music from artists we hadn't heard before and that was good too. But mostly it was fun seeing my IG friends come to life on stage.

Afterwards we ran home to stay warm. 

PS I know the pics aren't that great = iPhone and not enough light.

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