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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

20 Little Things About Me

I saw this going around the blog world here. It reminded me of the early days of MySpace and I thought it would be fun to do.

ONE | I always only wash and rinse one foot at a time in the shower for fear I may slip and die

TWO | Another shower tidbit. I dry completely off before stepping onto the rug. I hate when the bathroom rug is wet. 

THREE | I find bookstores to be one of the most magical places in the world even though I don't read as often as I would like. 

FOUR | I have a deep desire for my life to run like a well oiled machine. Everything always in its place, planned perfectly and that that would lead to the most stress free life. 

FIVE | Like the author, Jen Hatmaker, I often feel at odds with the different personalities in my head. Ms. Be resourceful and save the environment often collides with Ms. Get things done as quickly as possible. 

SIX | I have recently decided that I no longer will drink alcohol. And alcoholics will get a laugh at this but my reason is because though I don't consider myself an alcoholic now, I did in fact used to be one and I'd rather steer clear of that for good and be a pillar of strength for my little boy. 

SEVEN | I find people who are late to be the most irritating, careless, selfish, rude people. 

EIGHT | I'm forever grateful to Jesus, my savior. 

NINE | At 13, my sister, cousin, friend and I had decided to form a girl band and we were all going to marry a Hanson brother.  One small problem. Do the math. 

TEN | I'd be forever happy in a small apartment in the city. 

ELEVEN | Valentines Day is my favorite holiday. Who doesn't love red, pink, hearts and happy flowers?

TWELVE | Once while babysitting I spotted another sister of mine making out with a boy in our backyard in the trampoline. 

THIRTEEN | It's not that I want to lose such and such pounds but I would love to just be really fit and toned. 

FOURTEEN | I just like happy things. 

FIFTEEN | Martha Stewart makes me happy. I think I should listen to that little homemaker business woman voice inside of me. 

SIXTEEN | No one really close to me has ever died. I've lived a blessed life but I fear I live a bit in lalaland that anyone ever will. 

SEVENTEEN | My iPhone often auto corrects the word life to love. But not always. 

EIGHTEEN | I once read that all great geniuses peak during the early to mid twenties. I'm worried I'll never be a genius. 

NINETEEN | You know Sir Mix A Lot? I live right off of Broadway. But his posse was before my time. 

TWENTY | My random thought of the day (well, one of them) was what if this weirdo sitting behind me on the bus cut off a chunk of my hair. (I'm always worried someone siting behind me will do that). At that point I thought I would then chop it all off and hope it was long enough to donate to locks of love. 

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