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Friday, December 13, 2013

WORK life BalANCe

Balancing work and life is not easy. Mostly because not only do I work full time but I am trying to start a wedding photography business and I would love to blog, blog, blog. This means I work well over 40 hours a week. Having a baby (well, I guess he's a toddler now) does not make this easy. I want/need to spend time with him. Which is good because without him it would be too easy to work all the time and not make time for my husband. But I have A LOT of stuff to do right now. 2014 I am taking my wedding photography much more seriously. I really want to shoot weddings and make a living off of it. This means, I really need to get myself seen so that I can start booking those lovely weddings. Before the end of the year here is a list of things I would like to complete regarding photography: 1) Finish blogging 4 weddings that I was able to second shoot at 2) Design and print my communication pieces ie: business card and wedding guide 3) Reformat the images on my blog that never got resized for the new layout 4) Move to a single FB page 5) Get album offering planned 6) feels like there is always something else, doesn't it? Then there's this blog which I would like to visit more. I want to make it my pretty little place to keep my thoughts and other things.  I don't have enough hours in the day but I'm working towards more freedom and flexibility.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Remember to DO!

I'm definitely guilty of spending a lot of time consuming. Which means I suffer from creating and doing less than I want to or should be. I need to remind myself to stop. You could be a consumer all day long, every day and you wouldn't be any better for it. But if you spent even one day doing one small thing you would be allowing yourself time to grow. My whole life, my whole entire life, I have been propelling myself forward. Never satisfied with the status quo. Never being satisfied with completing one task alone. Never being done learning. Stagnant people are boring. Sometimes we all go through stagnant phases and that is OK. It can be restful. A life long love of learning will invariably broaden your horizons, expand your interests and open doors. And windows. That with even a small ability of self-control and you can go so, so far. You can do anything you want in the world. Nothing will be out of your reach. I truly believe that deep down in my soul. For everyone. My life is proof. Even though I am not at where I would love to be yet, I have come so far and I know I will get there with continued purposeful movement. If you can dream it, you can absolutely achieve it. So I'll discipline myself to write again. I know just the shear practice improves me. I have borrowed my mom's Surface while in Portland for the weekend. Can't say that I like it all's that much. The keyboard is definitely better than my iPhone but I do prefer a real keyboard for extending typing like this. All around it seems entirely inferior to the iPad. Its not app based like the iPad. It's PC based just on a small little surface. When I press on buttons it doesn't always take or it thinks I pressed the button below it. Annoying. Happy Saturday Blog! Go out and DO something today.