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Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend Review: 2nd Edition

This weekend did not exactly go as planned. To start, Jack had a cold. On Saturday when the three of us were planning on visiting the Christmas in Seattle Gift Show, it ended up being just me. My parents wanted me to take pictures for the website. Luckily, my cousin was there to walk around with me while I shot away at shopping customers and great booth spaces. I did not end up getting home until just after 2 when the original plan was to be home around noon. Ooops! Later that afternoon, I ventured out to get a couple more silverware place settings for the dinner we were hosting on Sunday. We were expecting 16 people for Sunday's dinner.  I was envisioning so much warmth and laughter filling up my house as we gorged ourselves on gourmet made from scratch gnocchi and uova al purgitorio. 16 quickly turned to 15. I was definitely expecting that. But when only 4 people had arrived by 3:30 I was frustrated to say the very least. Currently, I'm eating gnocci with creamy sauce and chicken for lunch at my desk as I write. (Sidenote: I just started to spell chicken like schiken before realizing my mistake). I'll be eating gnocchi for dinner and lunch all week. So will Jack. And so will Matt. After a busy weekend, I was not ecstatic to return to work. I never get enough time with my little man. Sorry to be such a downer and thank a vet today.

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