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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Weekend Review: 1st Edition

Friday could not have come soon enough. Around 3pm Friday afternoon it suddenly dawned on me that it was FRIDAY! Saturday I shot a super short and sweet wedding at Volunteer Park. I quickly rushed to Century Link field to meet Matt and Jack at the Sounders vs. Timbers MLS playoff game. (We lost, so sad, but there's still another chance to move on this Thursday). Sunday was a lazy day. As any parent knows daylight savings means diddly squat when you have a baby. It makes it worse when you look at the clock and it shows an hour earlier than you wish it was :/ Grrrr...alas, I digress. We had breakfast at Americana on Broadway.
(I had sourdough French toast with blackberry compote and drenched in maple syrup).

We accomplished one more thing on my weekend agenda: bought our first antique rug! I must admit I definitely felt like I was being sold by the rug shop owner. So cliche. But he was educational and I researched afterwards to insure I didn't get screwed over. 
(It's a Turkish Kilim).

And we love it. In time I hope to have several layered oriental rugs in the living area. 

3 giants loads of laundry later and we're set for Monday!

Smooches all!

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