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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Gap: Tried & True

I've been shopping at the Gap for as long as I can remember. Throughout junior high and high school it was a staple for jeans and khakis. During college I had a few bad experiences. A handful of shirts that lost their shape and shrunk rather quickly. That along with a new found obsession for J.Crew and my closet suddenly didn't have even a hint of a reminder that I used to shop at Gap. Recently though I've had a hard time swallowing J.Crew's rising prices that don't coincide with a rise in quality. (Don't get my wrong here, I absolutely love the brand). With that in mind I thought I'd return to my roots. I didn't want to pay over $100 for a basic pair of pants. I see plenty of people day in and day out wearing cute outfits and when I inquire about who made what, I get a range that includes Target and Old Navy. I'm definitely not advocating shopping at Old Navy unless you're younger than 22 (except maybe some circumstances) but it made me think. I have got to get over myself and my extreme brand loyalty. It's ridiculous. All of this to say, I bought a pair of navy khakis from the Gap. I loved them. I washed them a few times. The shape was the same and they didn't shrink. I bought another pair in greenway . Then I bought a pair of navy cords. And then, I even went so far as to buy another pair of cords in Gap. I've been extremely pleased with these purchases and I am happy to have another brand that I can rely on for pants priced well under $100 a pair. The pants I'm wearing below are the navy cords. I heart them so much.

(Here I am with my little bear wearing matching navy vests)

Navy has quickly taken over my closet in the past few years and I only really noticed when a gal at work asked if it was my favorite color. It is not. Navy is the new black. An essential staple that you can just never have enough of.

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