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Friday, October 18, 2013

City Walks

There's something about being in the city that really lights my fire and gets me going. I've lived one mile from this downtown area for 4 years now and it really never gets old. It's exciting. All of the time. I don't think suburbanites actually feel that way about where they live. I mean it's the suburbs, let's be real here. Though I hate wasting money on food, it's a GREAT excuse to get out of the office. Working 2 blocks from Nordstrom definitely has an upside. Hello Nordstrom Café. Yes, please! I phone in my order for a cup of tomato soup and half order of chicken parmesan salad, then take a quick, brisk walk to pick it up. It's one of my favorites. The soup and the salad. There's so many great places to eat. Where I used to work in suburbia, it was a 15 minute walk to the nearest restaurant and by restaurant I mean Starbucks. You can see some of the tree's leaves have begun to change and soon the streets will be lined with well lit trees as Christmas approaches!

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