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Friday, December 13, 2013

WORK life BalANCe

Balancing work and life is not easy. Mostly because not only do I work full time but I am trying to start a wedding photography business and I would love to blog, blog, blog. This means I work well over 40 hours a week. Having a baby (well, I guess he's a toddler now) does not make this easy. I want/need to spend time with him. Which is good because without him it would be too easy to work all the time and not make time for my husband. But I have A LOT of stuff to do right now. 2014 I am taking my wedding photography much more seriously. I really want to shoot weddings and make a living off of it. This means, I really need to get myself seen so that I can start booking those lovely weddings. Before the end of the year here is a list of things I would like to complete regarding photography: 1) Finish blogging 4 weddings that I was able to second shoot at 2) Design and print my communication pieces ie: business card and wedding guide 3) Reformat the images on my blog that never got resized for the new layout 4) Move to a single FB page 5) Get album offering planned 6) feels like there is always something else, doesn't it? Then there's this blog which I would like to visit more. I want to make it my pretty little place to keep my thoughts and other things.  I don't have enough hours in the day but I'm working towards more freedom and flexibility.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Remember to DO!

I'm definitely guilty of spending a lot of time consuming. Which means I suffer from creating and doing less than I want to or should be. I need to remind myself to stop. You could be a consumer all day long, every day and you wouldn't be any better for it. But if you spent even one day doing one small thing you would be allowing yourself time to grow. My whole life, my whole entire life, I have been propelling myself forward. Never satisfied with the status quo. Never being satisfied with completing one task alone. Never being done learning. Stagnant people are boring. Sometimes we all go through stagnant phases and that is OK. It can be restful. A life long love of learning will invariably broaden your horizons, expand your interests and open doors. And windows. That with even a small ability of self-control and you can go so, so far. You can do anything you want in the world. Nothing will be out of your reach. I truly believe that deep down in my soul. For everyone. My life is proof. Even though I am not at where I would love to be yet, I have come so far and I know I will get there with continued purposeful movement. If you can dream it, you can absolutely achieve it. So I'll discipline myself to write again. I know just the shear practice improves me. I have borrowed my mom's Surface while in Portland for the weekend. Can't say that I like it all's that much. The keyboard is definitely better than my iPhone but I do prefer a real keyboard for extending typing like this. All around it seems entirely inferior to the iPad. Its not app based like the iPad. It's PC based just on a small little surface. When I press on buttons it doesn't always take or it thinks I pressed the button below it. Annoying. Happy Saturday Blog! Go out and DO something today.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend Review: 2nd Edition

This weekend did not exactly go as planned. To start, Jack had a cold. On Saturday when the three of us were planning on visiting the Christmas in Seattle Gift Show, it ended up being just me. My parents wanted me to take pictures for the website. Luckily, my cousin was there to walk around with me while I shot away at shopping customers and great booth spaces. I did not end up getting home until just after 2 when the original plan was to be home around noon. Ooops! Later that afternoon, I ventured out to get a couple more silverware place settings for the dinner we were hosting on Sunday. We were expecting 16 people for Sunday's dinner.  I was envisioning so much warmth and laughter filling up my house as we gorged ourselves on gourmet made from scratch gnocchi and uova al purgitorio. 16 quickly turned to 15. I was definitely expecting that. But when only 4 people had arrived by 3:30 I was frustrated to say the very least. Currently, I'm eating gnocci with creamy sauce and chicken for lunch at my desk as I write. (Sidenote: I just started to spell chicken like schiken before realizing my mistake). I'll be eating gnocchi for dinner and lunch all week. So will Jack. And so will Matt. After a busy weekend, I was not ecstatic to return to work. I never get enough time with my little man. Sorry to be such a downer and thank a vet today.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Weekend Review: 1st Edition

Friday could not have come soon enough. Around 3pm Friday afternoon it suddenly dawned on me that it was FRIDAY! Saturday I shot a super short and sweet wedding at Volunteer Park. I quickly rushed to Century Link field to meet Matt and Jack at the Sounders vs. Timbers MLS playoff game. (We lost, so sad, but there's still another chance to move on this Thursday). Sunday was a lazy day. As any parent knows daylight savings means diddly squat when you have a baby. It makes it worse when you look at the clock and it shows an hour earlier than you wish it was :/ Grrrr...alas, I digress. We had breakfast at Americana on Broadway.
(I had sourdough French toast with blackberry compote and drenched in maple syrup).

We accomplished one more thing on my weekend agenda: bought our first antique rug! I must admit I definitely felt like I was being sold by the rug shop owner. So cliche. But he was educational and I researched afterwards to insure I didn't get screwed over. 
(It's a Turkish Kilim).

And we love it. In time I hope to have several layered oriental rugs in the living area. 

3 giants loads of laundry later and we're set for Monday!

Smooches all!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Riding the bus

Riding the bus to work has its pros and cons. Mostly pros. The bus is really convenient when a) your employer pays for your bus pass b) you live less than two miles from your work place and c) you don't want to pay upwards of $11 a day for parking.

At the distance I live from my work, it takes approximately the same amount of time to walk, bus or drive. Walking is a straight shot from here to there. The bus requires waiting for the bus and stopping every other block until I get to my stop. Driving requires morning city traffic and parking. 

My preference is walking though I will almost always take the bus home. I highly recommend the bus as a hugely economical option. Besides, it usually provides some entertainment value if not the least fodder for make believe stories about people you don't know. 

A mini-vaca

Last weekend I wrapped up editing my last wedding of the season. I had been waiting for this day to come for the last month or so. Not because I don't like editing photos. But because it can be very tiring working a regular full time office job and shooting and editing photos all summer long so when the end comes I'm totally ready. I had planned to take the next two weeks off of photography business work. I'm loving this time off so far. I get home from work and I don't have to do anything except play with Jack and maybe think about dinner and do a little housekeeping. ***Huge Sigh*** So far (in the 48 hours I have had "off") I have washed and dryed all of the laundry and acquired a huge mass of clothing to fold and hang. I have finished a chapter in the book I am reading. I watched last weeks episode of RHOM. I played with Jack's toys. I spent time with Matt. So far, so good. The wheels for wedding season 2014 are spinning though and I'm trying to hold myself back from planning. Brains need a break to function at top performance and my brain does a lot so I know it needs this break. I will be in such a better place if I let it rest for this next week and a half. Besides, everyone around me is sick or getting sick and I don't want to end up there as well. I've also got time to blog on my new wonderfully perfect blog.

Yours truly,
The Emerald Girl

Friday, October 18, 2013

City Walks

There's something about being in the city that really lights my fire and gets me going. I've lived one mile from this downtown area for 4 years now and it really never gets old. It's exciting. All of the time. I don't think suburbanites actually feel that way about where they live. I mean it's the suburbs, let's be real here. Though I hate wasting money on food, it's a GREAT excuse to get out of the office. Working 2 blocks from Nordstrom definitely has an upside. Hello Nordstrom Café. Yes, please! I phone in my order for a cup of tomato soup and half order of chicken parmesan salad, then take a quick, brisk walk to pick it up. It's one of my favorites. The soup and the salad. There's so many great places to eat. Where I used to work in suburbia, it was a 15 minute walk to the nearest restaurant and by restaurant I mean Starbucks. You can see some of the tree's leaves have begun to change and soon the streets will be lined with well lit trees as Christmas approaches!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Gap: Tried & True

I've been shopping at the Gap for as long as I can remember. Throughout junior high and high school it was a staple for jeans and khakis. During college I had a few bad experiences. A handful of shirts that lost their shape and shrunk rather quickly. That along with a new found obsession for J.Crew and my closet suddenly didn't have even a hint of a reminder that I used to shop at Gap. Recently though I've had a hard time swallowing J.Crew's rising prices that don't coincide with a rise in quality. (Don't get my wrong here, I absolutely love the brand). With that in mind I thought I'd return to my roots. I didn't want to pay over $100 for a basic pair of pants. I see plenty of people day in and day out wearing cute outfits and when I inquire about who made what, I get a range that includes Target and Old Navy. I'm definitely not advocating shopping at Old Navy unless you're younger than 22 (except maybe some circumstances) but it made me think. I have got to get over myself and my extreme brand loyalty. It's ridiculous. All of this to say, I bought a pair of navy khakis from the Gap. I loved them. I washed them a few times. The shape was the same and they didn't shrink. I bought another pair in greenway . Then I bought a pair of navy cords. And then, I even went so far as to buy another pair of cords in Gap. I've been extremely pleased with these purchases and I am happy to have another brand that I can rely on for pants priced well under $100 a pair. The pants I'm wearing below are the navy cords. I heart them so much.

(Here I am with my little bear wearing matching navy vests)

Navy has quickly taken over my closet in the past few years and I only really noticed when a gal at work asked if it was my favorite color. It is not. Navy is the new black. An essential staple that you can just never have enough of.