Monday, July 27, 2015

Styled images for a new business

You may have noticed how beautiful the styled images are that I use to show off my fancy note card sets. So, I wanted to share where I get the styled images. I have exquisite taste but as a new ETSY shop owner I have a limited budget. For this reason I am so grateful for the SC Stockshop newsletter. Shay is so generous to send one free styled image a month. Simplistic by design. I love these and I know that when my business grows, I will continue to look to Shay. It will be awesome to work with her on a whole set of custom images for my shop when I am able. I love the floral designs. A perfect fit to show off my favorite note set - the flag set with border. Visit the shop to purchase this classic set now.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Popping up in ETSY

I've got something awesome to share with you all. If pretty paper makes you happy or you have a bunch of notes you need to write, then you'll want to take a look. I've been working on the launch of my ETSY store for  a few months now.

These notecards are designed and printed in the USA and made out of eco-friendly materials. Eco responsibility is important to me. It's not just about the environment. It's about being intentional with each and everything I do. It's about not wasting or creating waste. It's how I make decisions in life.

I designed these notesets with playful details. And they're not like any other note sets I've seen. Each set comes with 10 cards + 10 rainbow lined envelopes. Your perfect all occasion note cards. Keep them on your desk so you can easily use them.

Click here to visit my ETSY site and grab your favorite noteset for yourself.